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Apr 30, 2011


Skin Whitening Forever
Here You Are
“I Thought I Would Never Whiten My 
Skin But Contrary To My Doctor's Prediction, I Whitened My Skin Pigmentations Naturally, Without Drugs & In A Few Days, After Years of "Trying". You Can Too! Here's How...”

  I will show you how to Whitening Your Skin permanently in just days the natural way and helped thousands of people do the same.

Apr 25, 2011

Make Your Waist Smaller with This 30-Second Habit

By RealAge
 Few things plant the waist-widening TV remote more firmly in our hands than the need to destress. But here's a healthier way to let go of it all: Just breathe deeply.
It takes only about 30 seconds to do it right, and a quick and easy stress reduction strategy like this is critical to your waistline -- especially given a recent study on job stress and weight gain. In the study, workers who were super stressed tended to have bigger bellies than their peers who were more at ease.
Pound-Packing Stress Relief?

It's not that stress in and of itself causes waistlines to expand; it's how people deal with the stress that makes them fat. Researchers suspect the difference in weight was more likely due to the unhealthy coping mechanisms the stressed-out folks used -- like vegging in front of the TV, skipping that afternoon walk, and dipping into a pint of double fudge ice cream for cold comfort when they got home. (Related: Emotions can drive uncontrolled eating. Find out how to get a handle on it with these tips.)
Chill Out to Slim Down
Still, stress itself may do some damage as well. In fact, other research has found that chronic stress can increase the production of cortisol -- an anxiety hormone that facilitates the storage of belly fat and may boost cravings for high-calorie snacks. The good news? You can put stress to bed with just 30 seconds of deep breathing. (Follow this quick four-step guide to deep breathing.)
And if deep breathing isn't your thing, here are a couple of alternatives to try:

Apr 21, 2011

5Of the Most Trusted Organic Skincare Brands

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I'm a firm believer of organic skincare products. In the long term, taking care of your skin will really pay off big time. For the past 20 years, I've used only organic skincare products. Yes, some of the products can prove to be expensive and some are created to make you spend more. But it's up to you how much you are prepared to spend on your skin. Once upon a time, you would only find the odd organic skincare product tucked away in the back of a little health food shop but now most brands take pride of place in large department stores and the high street with big chains like Tescos cashing in on the organic tag.
Here's 5 of the most trusted organic skincare brands, which have long abided by the principles of no petrochemicals, parabens and nasties.
Dr Hausckha
For over 40 years, Dr.Hauschka has gained a reputation for its authentic commitment to nature. The company's products are made from pure and natural ingredients and it has an unrivalled reputation in the organic skincare industry with high quality products.
Dr Hauschka products were the first products I discovered more than 20 years ago and were a brilliant introduction to organic skincare. And many customers enjoy comfortable, radiant skin.
Check out some of Dr Hauschka's award winning products:
• Cleansing Cream
• Regenerating Serum
• Rose Day Cream
• Bronzing powder
Jurlique has long produced a clean living range of organic skincare products. The Australian organic skin care company, like Dr Hauschka. When I was in Australia, 10 years ago, I was amazed at the amount of fresh, natural products available. And it makes perfect sense, because Australia is so abundant with fresh, organic products of superior quality.
Jurlique's organic skincare does come at a price. The range is priced much more expensively than other brands, but organic skin care users loyal to Jurlique swear by its quality and wouldn't trade for anything else.
Here's a snapshot of some of Jurlique's award winning organic skincare products:
• Herbal Recovery Eye Gel
• Balancing Foaming Cleanser
• Moisture Replenishing Day Cream
• Purely Age-Defying Night Lotion
Jason's products are very functional and have a good reputation for being largely organic and natural without parabens and nasties. I discovered Jason more than 10 years ago. The company's shower gels are fantastic value. For £8 you used to be able to get a huge bottle with a pump and it would last for months. I think the company have wised up however, because it's recently repackaged all its organic body care and body moisturisers which again are fantastic value for the price. Jason has a reputation for being a leading personal skincare producer. One good thing about Jasons is that their haircare range works well unlike most other organic hair products.
Some of Jason's organic personal care showstoppers are:
• Satin Shower Body Wash pumps
• Hand and Body Moisturisers
• Daily Hair Care Shampoos and Moisturisers
I love Ren products. They are one of my favourite brands at the moment. I needed an organic skincare range that addressed the problem of my dry skin. Of course, dry skin can be the cause of a number of factors; hormonal imbalance, diet and nutrition and exercise. But I was inspired by Ren's no-nonsense approach to holistic skincare and the company's range is very superior. The Ren range is mid-price and their products last for a good few months.
Some of Ren's award winning products are:
• Morrocan Rose Otto Body Oil
• No. 1 Purity Cleansing Balm
• Max Moisture Concentrate
• Rose O¹² Ultra-Moisture Serum
The Organic Pharmacy
I discovered The Organic Pharmacy years ago when the first UK store was opened at the quieter end of Kings Road in Chelsea. I was immediately drawn into the shop and felt purified by its fresh, clean approach to organic skincare. It's range is packed in glass jars and pots, which the company maintain keeps the product fresh. And you definitely know it's fresh because you're advised to use any product within six months. The range is not cheap by any means but there are absolutely no nasties in the Organic Pharmacy range at all.
Some of the organic skincare best sellers by the Organic Pharmacy are:
• Carrot Butter Cleanser
• Double Rose Rejuvenating Cream
• Antioxidant Face Firming Serum
• Cleopatra's Milk Bath
Again price would be an issue if you're on a budget. But the Organic Pharmacy's products are well worth stretching your budget for.
Organic skincare is a great way to look after your skin and keep yourself young. However, just like any product you buy from the beauty counters, there's such a variety of organic skincare products to choose from. If you're unable to figure out what is organic skincare products are good for you, Sudha Kaviraj gives great organic skincare tips and you can sign up for a free monthly newsletter by going here

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What Type of Skin Do You Have?

Find out the difference between oily, normal, dry skin

By , Guide
There are five basic skin care types: Oily, combination, sensitive, dry and sun-damaged. Your skin type is determined by how much -- or how little -- oil your skin produces. Genes, diet, stress level, medication and even your skincare regimen all determine how much oil your skin produces.

Rona Berg, in her book,
"Beauty the New Basics," details the five different skin types. Here's how to tell what skin type you have.

Berg suggests you take the "skin test." Wash your face, pat it dry, then take a few pieces of rice paper or lens-cleaning tissue paper and press on different spots on your face. If your skin is oily, the paper will stick, pick up oily spots and become translucent. If the paper doesn't stick or pick up any oily spots, your skin is dry. If it sticks in your t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) then you have combination (or normal) skin. About 70 percent of women have combination skin.

Here are the five different skin types and their characteristics.
  • Type 1: Oily Oily skin tends to shiny with enlarged pores, and is prone to blackheads and blemishes. You might experience some tightness.
  • Type 2: Combination/normal This skin type has medium pores, a smooth and even texture, good circulation, healthy color, may tend toward dryness on the cheeks while being oily in the t-zone.
  • Type 3: Sensitive Sensitive skin tends to be thin, delicate with fine pores. It flushes easily, is prone to broken capillaries, is frequently allergic and can be rashy.
  • Type 4: Dry Dry skin feels tight, especially after cleansing. You have a tendency towards fine wrinkles, flaking and red patches. In women of color, skin may appear ashy or dull from dead skin buildup.
  • Type 5: Aging or sun-damaged This skin also feels tight with visible wrinkles, slack skin tone -- especially around the cheeks and jawline -- with leathery texture and broken capillaries.

Apr 1, 2011

Get Your Skin Ready for the Beach!

Skin Prep is very important to help a tan from peeling. Body scrubs are an excellent way to prep the skin and get your yourself ready for that bikini! Dead Sea Body Scrubs contain salt and some beneficial oils to help run into the base of your skin to exfoliate the dead cells and moisturize the winter skin with the oils of the scrub.
For luscious summer tone skin- begin using body scrubs in the Spring and continue through out the summer months. Not only will this keep your skin glowing youthful but it helps the cells to regenerate faster - actually giving you younger newer skin.
There are two types of body scrubs in the market today. The first is a salt scrub, also known as a salt glow. The salt is best used for once a month scrubs - it's a bit more coarse and can be used less often. However, my advice is NOT to use this scrub right after shaving and if you have any cuts or sores. This scrub is the best one to choose if you have really dry skin or need a heavily exfoliation.
The second type is a sugar body scrub. The sugar is softer and can be used twice weekly. A salt scrub is a little bit more coarse so you only want to use it about once a month. Both of these scrubs are going to leave your skin feeling silky smooth.
Another item to look into is the oil being used within the scrub itself- Rice Bran oil is an excellent source and will help with many skin issues as it is moisturizing and feeding the skin. If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis, then this is the oil you need. It is very effective, and probably the most powerful skin care product oil on the market.
Body Creams, and Body Lotions with Rice bran oil are wonderful too and they can also help keep your summer skin bikini ready!
And lastly- don't sun using any creams or lotions containing AHA's. AHA's will cause you to burn. Make certain that you have stopped using all AHA's creams for at least 2 weeks before taking to the beach to ride those waves!
Final tips for summer skin- always use a uv protector cream, look for rice bran oil and exfoliate often using a dead sea body scrub made from either sugar or salt!

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