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Jul 19, 2010

Tips For Great-Looking Lips Starting Today

Who doesn't want to have the perfect lips? Your whole face appears both happier and brighter when you are smiling with the perfect pair of lips.
Because the skin on the lips is so sensitive, lips are actually very delicate. Sun can damage the skin on the lips as can smoking because they are so delicate. Everyone, but most especially smokers, should be sure and apply sunscreen to their lips. Not only will the sunscreen protect the lips from harmful UV rays, but it will also reduce the dehydrating effects of a cigarette. Unattractive lip discoloration may also be avoided with the use of sunscreen.
Regularly, you should take care to exfoliate the skin on your lips. The process is as simple as using a toothbrush to scrub gently in a circular motion. The lips will be softened and dead cells will be removed. After exfoliating your lips, be sure and moisturize them as well. If you aren't careful to do so, your lips may become even more dehydrated than before.
A scrubbing mixture of sugar and rose water also does a good job. The lips will have a sweet aftertaste linger after using this mixture, while also being softened. As it is not a good idea to ever scratch your lips, this gentle method works well. With this process it is also less likely your lips will become dry. Because the sugar and rose water mixture is harmless, you can do this everyday to exfoliate the lips.
Another good strategy is to drink lots of water. Your lips are actually the first body part to show you are dehydrated. You will lessen the chances of your lips looking chapped, rough or dry if you are careful to drink enough water every day. Your skin will also benefit from all that water, too, with a healthy and glowing look.
Before you apply your lipstick, be sure and first apply lip balm. Because of the chance a lipstick may have chemicals in it that could damage your lips, this will not only keep your lipstick fresh but also protect against any harm.
Try to not become too impatient as you work towards improving the beauty of your lips because treatment time may well differ for everyone.
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Natural Ingredients For an Oily Skin Wash

There are several skin types in every person. The basic skin types are the oily, sensitive, dry, combination and the sun damaged skin. How much or how little your skin produces oil determines the kind of skin type you have. There are several factors that make you into the kind of skin type you have. Heredity, the food you eat and the physical and mental strain are the biggest factors that greatly contribute in having a clear, sensitive or oily skin.
If you have an oily skin you really have a problem in how to remedy or reduce oily skin. The first focus you should look into is the kind of facial wash you are using. Some skin care products may sometimes cause more harm than good thus making the problem worse than ever. There are tips for an oily skin face wash that if followed religiously you will surely reduce the oily skin you have.
Oily skin tends to be shiny with enlarged pores. Having this type of skin, watch out for a start of pimples, acne, blackheads or skin blemishes. Wash and clean your face as frequent as two to three times a day. Avoid using hot water as this will tend to damage the skin. Tepid water is advisable and use cold water in rinsing the cleanser. Cold water closes the skin pores which in turn minimizes the chance for any bacteria to set in.
Choose a facial wash that does not contain harsh ingredients. Pick mild cleansers preferably the ones that have natural ingredients. Facial soaps or wash that come from herbs or from fruit extract are good for the skin. Papaya soaps are known to have an anti-inflammatory property aside from being a skin whitening derivative. This fruit extract prevents excessive oil release to the skin making the skin clear and clean and tight.
If you have to use astringent choose the natural kind of astringent like lemon juice or vinegar. Apple cider is also a good replacement for alcohol base astringents. Simply apply the juice with a cotton ball on the oily skin areas. This will gently remove the oil or sebum that is left even after washing your face.
Moisturize your skin. Choose an oil-free moisturizer. You may use it as day and night moisturizer. If you are using make up pick those that are water based or oil-free make ups. This will not add shiny appearance on your face.
Avoid sun exposure. Too much UV rays and outdoor activities hastens the oil production in your skin. While you are exposed outdoors, you also collect the dirt and grime and the rest of the pollutants in your surroundings. This clogs up the skin pores. However, if going out cannot be avoided be sure to wash your face immediately when you reach home.
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Free Trial Breast Enlargement Pills For Women

Are you interested in a free trial for breast enlargement pills? Who wouldn't be? Almost every woman has a secret desire to have bigger breasts. You get the attention from the men and feel good about yourself. These supplements provide a safe and natural way for you to get the size you've always wanted.
Breast enlargement pills work through increasing your estrogen levels. They do this by phyto estrogens.  These are plant-based forms of estrogen found in foods such as fenugreek and soy. Different manufacturers concentrate this hormone and combine it with vitamins and minerals every woman needs.
The extra estrogen acts like it would during pregnancy. You get larger, firmer breasts in about a month. Generally, most women will feel some soreness the first few weeks. Some women also experience premenstrual syndromes the first few weeks. After that, most women will be symptom free.
So where can you find these free trials? Unfortunately, you cannot find them in the stores. You have to order directly from the manufacturer. Most will offer a free 14 day trial. Some even offer a free month.
Should you take the manufacturer up on his offer? Only do it if it's through a legitimate website. Never order from a spam e-mail. These tend to frequently be phishing attempts.  Do your research and make sure you will not get scammed.
Many of these sites will also offer you creams. This is an alternative to the pills. Some women recommend you take them both at the same time. However, you won't see vastly different results by doing so. You may see results a little bit faster.
So should you try a free trial for breast enhancement pills? Definitely! If you want a larger bust size, it's the only way to go.
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Jul 15, 2010

Dark Circles Under Eyes Remedy - Unhealthy Lifestyle Will Hinder It

what is the most effective and safe dark circles under eyes remedy? You can generate many suggestions from people. Some will encourage you to buy commercial products in treating your eyebags while others will forbid you from using those. Somehow people's advices would get you confused and sometimes you end up buying the wrong product. When this happens, it is dangerous because your eyes are one of the most delicate parts of your body. You may possibly go blind if you put on the wrong medication. To avoid making mistakes in choosing the under eye circles' treatment, you need to consult the right individuals concerning this matter.
Aside from seeing the experts, you also need to understand why dark circles appear under your eyes. Eyebags are considered as a dermatological condition. It is deem necessary that you identified the root cause before you can have the right dark circles under eyes remedy. But the truth is that this condition begins with the circulatory system. You are aware that the blood is distributed all over our body. From the heart, the blood travels through the blood vessels. There three main types of blood vessels. These are the artery, veins and capillary.
Now, the capillary is the smallest blood vessels that connect the arterioles and venules. The very nature of the capillary, which is being tiny, is the culprit of having dark circles. The capillary cannot contain the continuous flow of the blood. As a result, there is so much pressure in the capillary. Since the capillary wall is permeable, the blood tends to leak through the capillary wall. The blood leakage then forms a fragment and settles under your eye area. The bluish tint can be perceived by other people because the skin under your eyes is very thin. This is what normally happens and your body has a mechanism to straighten out the blood fragments.
However, some factors like lack of sleep, allergies, poor nutrition, and some others may worsen your eyebags. This is one of the reason why no matter what you do, the under eye circles would not go away. You need to change your lifestyle. That is the best dark circles under eyes remedy that will help you eliminate the eyebags.

Now Pay Close Attention Here:
There are numerous ways you can try to get rid of dark under eye circles. However, to successfully remove dark eye circles, wrinkles and bags from around your eyes, you need to use the best ingredients and the latest technology in skin care products.
The best dark circles cream is clinically proven to work and contains a unique ingredient formulated in Europe which is the secret of Hollywood stars and other celebrities for reducing dark eyes circles, eye bags and wrinkles. And the best thing is, this cream is available for both men and women. Discover it at right now.
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How to Apply Eye Makeup in 8 Steps?

?How to Apply Eye Makeup in 8 Steps

By Julyne Derrick

Glam up your eyes for evening with these steps
When evening calls for a glamorous look, you want to focus on making your eyes amazing. Here's how to apply eye makeup in only 8 steps.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 10 minutes

Here's How:

1.Prep your eyes with concealer Concealer can be used to cover up undereye circles or just the bluish discoloration just under your inner eye. To cover dark undereye circles, apply three dots of concealer under each eye. Start at the inner corner where skin tends to be darkest, then under the pupil and the third on the outer edge. Pat, never rub with your ring finger (this finger tends to have the softest pad) until it disappears.

2.Apply eye base to your lid Eye base is the secret to keeping your shadow in place for hours. Without properly priming your lid first, your eyeshadow will likely end up a greasy line in your crease.

3.Apply shadow. It's great to use a three-toned shadow and build from lids to brow. Allowing them to blend into each other like a rainbow is gorgeous, according to celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal. Start with a light color that almost matches your lid. Sweep the color across the lid and up to your browbone. Follow with a medium color across your lid only. Build on this with a darker color in the crease. Blend the colors well.

4.Follow with eyeliner Dark eyeshadows work great as eyeliners. Wet a slanted brush, then dip in a dark eyeshadow. Line eyes as close to the upper lashes as possible from the inner corner to the outer corner. Follow with liner on bottom eyes, but only line from the middle of the eye out. Smudge the bottom line with a Q-tip or your finger. You don't want a prominent line. For a smokey eye, use a brush to pat in a dark eyeshadow along the upper lid and below the lid. You don't want a stark line, instead you want to blend it so it's 'smudge-y.'

5.Brighten your eyes with a highlighter This step involves only the inside part of the eye. With a gold or pink highlighter (white is too bright), draw a v-shaped shape that follows the inner corner of your eye from top to bottom. Blend with your fingers. This will help make eyes 'pop.'

6.Highlight your brow Take the same highlighter and dab it on your browbone, concentrating on your mid-brow outward. Blend with your finger.

7.Curl lashes An eyelash curler will make even long lashes look more gorgeous. For added effect, you can heat the curler under a blowdryer for a couple seconds. Test curler before applying to lashes because you could burn yourself.

8.Apply mascara Place the wand of your mascara brush at the bottom of lashes and wiggle back and forth. Follow with another few sweeps of the wand. Apply to bottom lashes as well.

Jul 14, 2010

Look Good in Front Lace Wigs - All You Need to Know

What is so special about front lace wigs anyway? Traditional wigs are made of a synthetic material that is attached to a somewhat bulky cap using fasteners and grips which you then place on your head. Unfortunately synthetic sums it up, it does not look very natural and to be honest can sometimes draw attention for the wrong reasons.
Front lace wigs really are at the fore front of hair piece technology. As the lace is so delicate it is virtually invisible which is why so many celebrities have no problem wearing them, because we really cannot tell if we are looking at their own, natural hair or if they have had some hair styling help.
What could be more amazing than being able to change your hair style to suit on a daily basis, knowing that you are not subjecting your own hair to any unnecessary damage? I am not sure that your own hair could stand up to that sort of styling and still look so natural anyway. So it is not a wonder that these super stars have kept quiet about it, too good a secret to share maybe?
Of course having this superior quality in a product will come at a price but, when you consider that each one is handmade and each natural hair woven individually strand by strand into the lace cap it is understandable.
Once you have bought your wig, that is it, a one off payment and you have guaranteed changing looks for up to two years. By my reckoning, that is a lot of salon visits that you do not have to keep especially if you normally would go on a regular basis, so the money is well spent.
Another more humbling consideration that we should take a moment to think about is, supposing that you are unfortunate enough to be suffering from a distressing hair loss condition such as alopecia or as a result of chemotherapy. This must have such a huge psychological effect on your mental well being, none of us want to look anything other than our best.
It is said that our hair is our crowning glory, to have a bad hair day is one thing but, to have lost it altogether must be very distressing indeed. So, knowing that there is a product available that really can make you feel more feminine when you are feeling vulnerable is fantastic.
A lace wig has so much to offer you in terms of hair style flexibility. We all like to be a little indulgent from time to time and by using front lace wigs you can do this on a regular basis with very little effort what so ever. No more bad hair days only glamorous super styles fit for a diva.
There are of course many places where you can buy your front lace wig as well as get some really great deals especially online at such places as Amazon etc. However buying a front lace wig is indeed an investment and as such you would obviously want to be sure that you know how to buy the right one and once bought how to care and maintain it using the right procedures and products.

For this very reason a front lace wig guide has been created so that you know for sure that you are getting everything just right. The guide contains all that you will need to know about any wig and is full of information and data designed to help you discover all you need to know about wigs. It has been endorsed by hundreds of creators and buyers worldwide so far and is well worth reviewing. ( )

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Jul 12, 2010

You Should Always Section Your Hair When Styling With a Flat Iron

When styling your hair, there are a few small tricks to give you flawless results, seven days a week. The simplest of these is to section off your hair, no matter what you are doing to it. Whether you are blow-drying it or using a flat iron, sectioning off your hair allows you to work with a smaller portion of hair while maximizing your results.

To section off your hair, you will need to start at the bottom, or the underside. To do this, pull all of your hair except for a small portion up and secure it with a rubber band or clip. This may cause your hair to crease or have a funny kink in it, but you can get rid of that later. Once your hair is up, you can proceed to style the exposed section with a blow dryer and round brush, curling iron or flat iron. After you have passed through the first section with your styling tool, let down a little more of your hair, or another section. Repeat the styling on this section. Repeat this until you have gotten through all of your hair.

A few tips to remember, if you are working with a flat iron to get your hair straight or to produce tight curls, use smaller sections. This is the same if you are using a curling iron to create tight curls as well. If you want looser curls with either tool, use bigger sections.

Sectioning off your hair may seem like a lot of work and time consuming, however, it could save you time in the end. By creating smaller sections of hair to work with, your flat iron, curling iron or blow dryer will be able to work with your hair in less time and this will save you time and do less damage to your hair than repeatedly running the same styling tool through your locks over and over again.

Sectioning off your hair is a very simple step in creating beautiful locks that look professionally styled every day of the week. In the long run, it will save you time and also keep your locks damage free.
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7 Summer Make-Up Tips

Wearing make-up gets complicated in the summer. First of all, any time you're going out into the sun, you want to remember to protect your skin with products that contain SPF protection, and when you combine such products with make-up, things can get a little gunky. Meanwhile, sweat becomes a huge factor during the summer, and it's important to use make-up techniques that can withstand the heat of a long summer day. If you want to prevent the melt while also protecting your skin from the sun, keep these tips in mind.
1. Blot the oil off: If you have a relatively light amount of makeup on, then you can prevent the melt by using disposable oil-blotting sheets. Keep them in your purse or in your desk at work and dab your face every time your skin becomes oily. Most oil-absorbing sheets will not disturb your make-up, but you may still have to do a touch-up or two over the course of the day.
2. Reduce shine: A little bit of brightness around your cheekbones can be a good thing, but it can become excessive on warm summer days. To keep the shine away, apply a light dusting of loose translucent powder across your cheeks. Because it has no color, it will be all but invisible but will also deflect some of that shine.
3. Use waxy lip gloss: During the summer, it's time to put away those lipsticks that get soft and runny in your purse and tend to melt off of your lips. Set those aside until fall, and invest in a high-wax lip balm with an SPF content of at least 15. Clear kinds work well, but there are also some nice-looking tinted varieties.
4. Use waterproof mascara: Waterproof mascara is a little more expensive than ordinary mascara, and it also tends to go on a little more thinly, but it's still better than wearing mascara that runs down your cheeks. Keep applying the waterproof mascara every few hours or so, and you'll barely know the difference.
5. Go with creamy eye shadows: Sweat and powders don't mix, so any time the weather forecast calls for excessive heat, you might want to put away those powders that just make a clay-like cake on your face when exposed to heat. Instead, use silicon powders that lock in place and make it through the day without becoming thick or getting too smudgy.
6. Go light: Whatever else you do with your summer make-up application, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to keep things light. Think of it this way: The less make up you have on your face, the less potential there is for disaster. Rather than applying your make-up directly, use a damp make-up sponge to apply your foundation and blush.
7. Use primer: Too many women forget to apply primer, and this usually has negative effects during the summer. Find an oil-free primer and spread a pea-sized dot over your moisturized face before applying foundation and concealer.
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Jul 8, 2010

Redken Color Extend Sun After-Sun Shampoo - Protecting the Hair From Natural Calamities

Global warming is adversely effecting not only the earthly environment but also our skin and hair. The harsh UV rays make the hair weak and dull. They become dry and easily breakable. There are several areas where the water is affected by chlorine. It is a chemical highly harmful for the scalp. When you wash the hair with this water, it loses its natural color and turns into gray hair. Avoiding these factors is really tough as they are all natural elements. For how long would you avoid sunlight and what will you do with the chlorine mixed water? Will you quit bathing? Well, of course not. That is why it is better to find a solution than to run away from the problem. There are several options available online which claim to prevent your hair from the problems mentioned above. However cautiousness is highly recommended while selecting any of them.
At present most of the people are going crazy about a product which has shown magical results. Redken Color Extend Sun After-Sun Shampoo is very effective on the hair damaged by heavy sunlight and chemicals. The unique formula of the product repairs every single strand gently.
Let's have a look on its ingredients and their effects.
Soplexyl: It is an element highly effective for protecting the hair from UV Rays. It works as a shield between the hair and sunlight.
Oil of Mango: Mango is a fruit known for its thick consistency. The mango oil present in shampoo works as a strong conditioner and gives moisture as well as shine. It makes the hair soft and manageable.
Ceramide: It is an aspect very effective on damaged hair. Ceramide spreads all over the hair and repair them gently.
The perfect combination of all these elements prepares an effective mixture suitable for every hair type. It is usually seen that hair color gets faded easily when it comes into direct contact with sunlight everyday. Redken Color Extend Sun After-Sun Shampoo is a perfect solution for this issue. It locks the color with the strands and reduces the effect of sunlight on it. This is how the color lasts for long on the hair treated with this product. It maintains the glossiness of the color by gently cleaning the hair.
Hence it could be summarized that Redken Color Extend Sun After-Sun Shampoo is a perfect product for protecting the hair from several natural calamities.
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Jul 6, 2010

فوائد الموز

فكر العلماء كثيراً وفكروا .. ليش القرد يأكل موز ! 
وليش القرد دائماً نشيط ؟؟ !! ولا يجلس بالأرض , بس ينقز من شجرة إلى أخرى ؟؟ !!

أجروا التجربة تلو الأخرى على القرد و موزه
... إلى أن توصلوا إلى حقائق عجيبة عن الموز ...
حسد العلماء القرد
,, وجربوا الموز على الإنسان ... وكان العجب العجاب ... فوجدوا :- 

أنّ يحتوي الموز على ثلاثة سكريات طبيعية - سكروز وسكر الفواكه والجلوكوز
، مع الألياف بالطبع ، يمنحنا الموز دفعة كبيرة وثابتة وفورية من الطاقة . حيث أثبت بحث علمي بأن موزتان فقط يمكنهما أن يزودان طاقة كافية للقيام بتمرين رياضي لمدة 90 دقيقة . فلا عجب أن يكون الموز الفاكهة الأو لى للرياضيين البارزين . ولكن الطاقة ليست هي كل ما يقدمه الموز ، فالموز يمنحنا النشاط والصحة . ويساعدنا على التغلب على عدد كبير من الأمراض لذلك يجب إضافته دائما

الكآبة :
وفقاً لدراسة جديدة ، على أشخاص مصابين بالكآبة ، شعر الكثيرون بالتحسن بعد تناولهم الموز ، حيث يحتوي الموز على ترايبتوفان ، نوع من البروتين الذي يحوله الجسم إلى سيروتنيوم ، الذي يمنح الجسم الراحة والاسترخاء ، ويحسن المزاج ، ويجعلك تشعر بالسعادة
 فقر الدم
يحتوي الموز على مستويات عالية من الحديد ، كما يقوم الموز بتحفيز إنتاج الهيوغلوبين في الدم وكذلك يساعد على علاج فقر الدم

ضغط الدمّ :
هذه الفاكهة الاستوائية الفريدة عالية جداً بالبوتاسيوم ولكنه منخفض بالملح ، مما يجعله مثالي لمكافحة ضغط الدم
تحفيز قدرة الدماغ :
في دراسة شملت 200 طالب ، تم إعطائهم الموز في وجبة الإفطار ، والفسحة ، والغداء ، لتحفيز قدرة الدماغ . فأثبتت الدراسة بأن ا لفاكهة الغنية بالبوتاسيوم ، تقوم بتحفيز القدرة الدماغية عند الطلاب للتعلم أكثر
الإمساك :
يحتوي الموز على م< /B> ستوى عالي من الألياف ، لذلك فأن إدخاله في الحمية الغذائية يساعد على إعادة عمل الأمعاء الطبيعي ، كما يساعد على التغلب على المشكلة دون اللجوء إلى أدوية مسهلة
الحموضة المعوية :
للموز تأثير طبيعي معدّل للحموضة في الجسم ، وينصح بتناول الموز للتخلص من الحموضة

غثيان الصباح:
خبر سار للحوامل ، لا غثيان في الصباح مع الموز، يعمل الموز على تهدئة المعدة ، وبث السرور في الجسم ، كما يغذي الطفل
عضات البعوض :
قبل أن تفكري في الكريمات والمراهم ، هناك طريق أسهل وأفضل ، افركي عضات البعوضة بالجلدة الداخلة البيضاء للموز ـ التي تعمل على تخفيف التورم والاحمرار .
الأعصاب :
لأن الموز غني بفيتامينات مجموعة ب التي تساعد على تهدئة النظام العصبيَ
زيادة الوزن والعمل :
وجدت دراسات قام بها معهد علم النفس في النمسا بأن ضغط العمل يؤدي إلى التهام أطعمة مهدئة مثل الشوكولا ورقائق البطاطس . حيث وجدت بأن سبب بدانة أكثر من 5,000 موظف كانت على الأرجح بسبب ضغط العمل . ولتفادي شهوة تناول الطعام ، نحتاج للسيطرة على مستويات السكر في الدم عن طريق تناول وجبات خفيفة عالية بالكربوهيدرات والفيتامينات المغذية ، كل ساعتان ، فكان الموز الفاكهة الأكثر ملائمة لمنع البدانة .
قرحة المعدة :
يستخدم الموز لعلاج الاضطرابات المعوية بسبب قوامه الناعم . ويعتبر الموز الفاكهة النيئة الوحيدة التي يمكن أن تؤكل دون ضِيق في الحالات المرضية . حيث يحيد حموضة المعدة ويخفف التهاب بطانة المعدة .
السيطرة على درجة الحرارة :
تعتقد العديد من الثقافات بأن الموز يستطيع
خفض درجة حرارة الجسم الطبيعية
، والعاطفية للأمهات الحوامل . وفي تايلاند ، تأكل النساء الحوامل الموز لضمان ولادة الطفل في درجة حرارة معتدلة .
الإضرابات العاطفية الموسمية (الحزن) :
يساعد الموز على التخفيف من أعراض الاضطرابات ا لعاطفية الموسمية بسبب توفر مادة التربوتوفان به .
التدخين :
يمكن أن يساعد الموز الأشخاص الذين يحاولون الإقلاع عن التدخين . لاحتوائه على فيتامينات ب 6 , وب 12 ، بالإضافة إلى البوتاسيوم ، والمغنيسيوم ، كما يساعد الجسم على التعافي من تأثيرات انسحاب النيكوتين
الإجهاد :
البوتاسيوم معدن حيوي ، يساعد على جعل نبض القلب متوازناً ، ويحفز إرسال الأكسجين إلى الدماغ كما ينظم توازن الماء في الجسم . عندما نكون مرهقين ، فإن مستوى الأيض يرتفع ، مما يخفض مستويات البوتاسيوم . ويمكن إعادة توازن الجسم بتناول الموز الغني بالبوتاسيوم

السكتات :
وفقاً لبحث في ' مجلة نيوإنجلند الطبية ' فإن تناول الموز كجزء من حمية منتظمة يمكن أن يقلل خطر الموت بالسكتة بنسبة 40% .
وهكذا فالموز غذاء كامل متكامل، وعند مقارنته بالتفاح
، فالموز يحتوي على 4 مرات أكثر بروتين ، ومرتان أكثر كربوهيدرات ، و3 مرات أكثر فسفور ، وخمس مرات أكثر فيتامين أ وحديد ، ومرتان أكثر فيتامينات ، ومعادن ، كما أنه غني بالبوتاسيوم . لذلك فقد يكون الوقت لاستبدال المثل القائل : تفاحة في اليوم تبعدك عن الطبيب ، إلى موزة في اليوم وصحة على الدوم

.... ودمتم بصحة وعافية ....

Basic Tips For At-Home Manicures

Basic Tips For At-Home Manicures

Save yourself some money and do your manicures at home. Try these basic tips for at-home manicures to help you create pretty nails and nail designs at home instead of at the salon. 

Jul 5, 2010

Non Surgical Breast Enhancement - 3 Options to Choose From That Don't Involve Surgery

Do you want larger breasts? It's a question most women would answer with a resounding yes. However, very few of us can afford surgery. But we still have options. There are several methods of non surgical breast enhancement available. You just have to choose the one that works for you.
  1. Breast enhancing bras. If you walk into any specialty lingerie shop, you are likely to see a wide selection of breast enhancing bras. These are ones that lift and separate, as well is ones that are padded to make you appear bigger. This can be a good way to discover what size you want to be. However, these do not permanently make your breasts bigger. They just make you look larger when you're wearing clothes.
  2. Exercises. While exercise will not increase your size drastically, it can give you a slight boost. If you do exercises targeting your pectoral muscles, this helps lift your breast tissue. Also, if you gain muscle mass there, it makes you look larger. However, you need to be careful not to overdo it. If you exercise too much, you risk losing the fat that composes your current breasts.
  3. Pills and creams. At first, these can seem to not be legitimate. However, studies are showing that you can increase your size through pills and creams. Both of these methods raise your estrogen levels. This has an effect similar to being pregnant. Your bust size will increase while using these supplements. Most women prefer pills; however, creams are a little better at delivering the estrogen directly to your breast tissue.
These three nonsurgical breast enhancement methods are all viable options. So if you want a larger bust size, make sure you check them out!
You don't have to live with the breasts you have any more. Breast Actives will transform your breasts naturally without expensive and risky surgery. Go to to find out how

Have Eye-Health Questions? Here Are 6 Surprising Myths

Parents ever tell you that eating carrots would save you from wearing glasses? Or that sitting too close to the TV could make you go blind? Their advice may sound rather mixed to you as an adult. But what exactly is good or bad for your eyes? Read on to find out whether any of the offbeat stuff you've heard is truly legitimate or the stuff of urban eye-health legends.
Myth: Eating carrots will improve your vision.
The truth: No studies to date show that your eyesight will get sharper just by eating more carrots. Carrots do, however, contain vitamin A -- a nutrient your eyes need to function properly -- so a deficiency would be bad news for your eyes. Keep the rabbit food on the menu. Just don't bother with vitamin A supplements, because your body doesn't need a ton of the stuff, and getting more than you need of the supplement form can be harmful to your health. Use this tool to find the best food sources of vitamin A.

Cook This Way for Better Insulin Response

When it comes to dodging diabetes, the pot you choose from the kitchen cupboard may be just as important as the food you put into it. So pick up that steamer.
Turns out that lightly steaming at least some of your favorite edibles may be one of the best ways to keep your insulin working well.
How Do I Cook Thee?
In a study, steaming seemed to beat frying, grilling, and roasting when it came to maintaining insulin responsiveness. The study participants who ate foods cooked at high heat had poorer insulin sensitivity compared with the folks who often ate lightly steamed foods. The high-heat cookers also experienced a drop in their blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins C and E. All bad news if you're hoping to dodge diabetes or heart disease. (Discover the connection between diabetes, heart disease, and other serious health problems.)

Jul 4, 2010

Basic Standards For Medical Esthetics Academies and Laser Hair Removal Schools

High standards, reliability and comfort are always factors when choosing a day spa, with a massive dose of the 'what more can we do?' attitude as a necessity. A solid reputation and good reviews are also a must, so with these things in mind, shouldn't the same high standards be expected when choosing an esthetics academy?  Isn't it essential that your "Laser Hair Removal School" actually includes training with lasers as a standard part of the core curriculum and not as an add-on or side unit?  Shouldn't students be receiving instruction from those with the highest levels of expertise and experience, and that are extensively qualified in all aspects of laser therapy? Students both need and deserve to have the chance to learn by means of practical experience, instruction in the most up to date facilities (including access to multiple lasers) and through working in an environment that actually IS a fully functioning spa.
After some thought with regard to the attributes that make a truly excellent Esthetics school, it seems right to step away from listing the high standards required and to instead comment somewhat on the various complaints that are often heard from those studying in different schools and programs. Listed below are three that stuck out to me in particular...
One of the first things that I am aware of when looking at different training schools is the shocking variance in standards between different facilities. It is simply a given that all experience for students should be on-site, and permanent medical staff must be there to help students every step of the way.  Medical professionalism in all aspects of the course, whether in the classroom or within the context of practical experience, is of the upmost importance and training in these procedures with teacher stability and reliability follows closely in second place. Students need the opportunity to learn from Instructors that they can trust, not only so they can further hone their skills, but so that they can feel confident and capable with their own growing abilities.   Nothing compares to hands on experience, side-by-side with qualified and competent estheticians and medical professionals.
Wouldn't it be a breathe of fresh air to find a school where the instructors, those that know best, are actively involved in the development of the curriculum?  Who is better qualified to train and advise than those that write the course?  Amongst my friends are many that work as both estheticians and instructors, but it seems that only half of them are involved in actual teaching. All would agree that being able to give relevant and concise input with regard to the curriculum would be of incredible benefit to the students.  
Going above and beyond is exactly what is necessary to qualify as a true educator and instructor but that is what's lacking in so many instructor's attitudes today. Thinking back to my own time in education, I remember that the classes I was most enthusiastic about were the ones where the lecturer took genuine interest in each of us and encouraged me to achieve my best. The true desire to help students creates a far more engaging and appropriate atmosphere for learning than anything else. An academy who's instructors care and that provides more classroom time in order to best prepare its students, is an academy who's graduates give clients phenomenal results.
Whether it be an Esthetics Academy, Day Spa or a Laser Hair Removal School, there is categorically no substitute for professionalism whilst teaching, stability within the classroom, practical experience and most importantly, the pursuit of excellence.
Investigate a new career in Medical Esthetics and see what Student Academy  has to offer you

Jul 3, 2010

The Best Way to Choose Your Makeup Colors

Make up is supposed to make you look good, and not the other way around. However, when you have chosen the wrong colors, then you may just end up having the worst day of your life.
There are things to consider when choosing the right make up colors. First is your skin tone. If you are dark, then it is wrong to go for darker shades of make up since these will just make you look darker. If your skin tone is fair, then you can wear almost any color, for dark to light shades, and you will surely look stunning in any of these. If your skin tone is light, then going for very light shades would make you look very pale.
There is a way wherein you can test if you should go for cool or warm colors. You can do this by placing a silver and gold fabric near the vein on your wrist. If the vein turns blue near the silver, then you are cool toned. On the other hand, when it has a yellow shade that is next to the gold, then you are warm toned. This will be a great help in determining the correct make up colors for you. For cool make up colors, you can make use of blue, green, pink purple, magenta and red. Meanwhile, for warm colors, these are based on yellow, brown, orange, and other shades that involve these three colors.
Another thing that you should also consider when choosing your make up is the color of your hair. When you have a dark colored hair, then you can make use of bright colors for your make up so that your face will appear radiant. On the other hand, when your hair is light colored, darker shades will make your face pop.
Looking good with make up relies on your ability to choose the right colors. With the guidelines I have given you, you will not be hard up anymore.
Check out more great makeup tips on glitter eyeshadow and the professional eyeshadow palette.

Using Proper Hair Care Can Make All the Difference For Your Hair

It is strange how much effort people put in taking care of their body and skin, yet pay too little attention to their hair. However proper hair care is very important not only to the appearance of the entire 'you' but also for keeping the rest of your body healthy too.
One of the first things when it comes to learning more about proper hair care is knowing more about your hair type. This is because depending on which type of you have, you might need different products and treatments that will work best and might not work equally well for others.
Some people have thick, others curly hair. Some have long, soft and wavy, yet others have straight dry, or very oily hair. So the first step is identifying which type you have. Trying product after product only because it is advertised in various magazines, on the TV or by word of mouth might hurt your hair follicles and cuticle in the long run. You really need to use the right product for your type of strands to get the best treatment for your scalp. It is important to go for products that can actually help you mane instead of hurting it.
Onece you have figured out your hair type, you can go to the next step: getting the products that will help not only keep your hair healthy but also restore any damages that the chemicals in the wrong types of solutions, gels and shampoos did to your scalp and strands.
One way to go about it is to go to the local drug store and look for products that deal with treating frizzy hair, or making the hair less oily, or treating thinning hair or even help with startup baldness. However while looking at all these products in the drug store, don't forget that you also need products that make your hair look great. Let's not forget that the hair is one of the first things a person looks at when meets you for the first time - or any time after that for that matter.
It is also extremely important to try to avoid products that are full of harmful chemicals. Some might help you right away, however in the long run will actually harm your scalp and destroy all your pH balance. Others might burn your strands or leave them frizzy or even give you dandruff, something that certainly nobody wants to have to deal with! This is due to the way chemicals react in our bodies, to help short term, now.
Also when you are looking into drying your hair after a good wash, use only quality blow dryers that leave your mane silky, smooth and healthy. You don't want to burn those cuticles unnecessarily.
Here are two of the best blow dryers that I can recommend without hesitation: Sedu Revolution Pro and Farouk CHI Pro GF 1505.
Visit to get the best blow dryer for your particular type of hair.

Jul 1, 2010

Chocolate Skin Care A Delightful Facial Fondue!

Chocolate Skin Care
A Delightful Facial Fondue!

Avocado Facial MaskMake your own chocolate skin care facial.  Diane explains how to create your own rejuvenating spa quality chocolate facial mask.

Ever since her friend treated her to a spa facial she has been mixing up her own facial recipes at least once a week.

One of her favorite natural skin care recipes is her Chocolate Facial Fondue.