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Jul 15, 2010

Dark Circles Under Eyes Remedy - Unhealthy Lifestyle Will Hinder It

what is the most effective and safe dark circles under eyes remedy? You can generate many suggestions from people. Some will encourage you to buy commercial products in treating your eyebags while others will forbid you from using those. Somehow people's advices would get you confused and sometimes you end up buying the wrong product. When this happens, it is dangerous because your eyes are one of the most delicate parts of your body. You may possibly go blind if you put on the wrong medication. To avoid making mistakes in choosing the under eye circles' treatment, you need to consult the right individuals concerning this matter.
Aside from seeing the experts, you also need to understand why dark circles appear under your eyes. Eyebags are considered as a dermatological condition. It is deem necessary that you identified the root cause before you can have the right dark circles under eyes remedy. But the truth is that this condition begins with the circulatory system. You are aware that the blood is distributed all over our body. From the heart, the blood travels through the blood vessels. There three main types of blood vessels. These are the artery, veins and capillary.
Now, the capillary is the smallest blood vessels that connect the arterioles and venules. The very nature of the capillary, which is being tiny, is the culprit of having dark circles. The capillary cannot contain the continuous flow of the blood. As a result, there is so much pressure in the capillary. Since the capillary wall is permeable, the blood tends to leak through the capillary wall. The blood leakage then forms a fragment and settles under your eye area. The bluish tint can be perceived by other people because the skin under your eyes is very thin. This is what normally happens and your body has a mechanism to straighten out the blood fragments.
However, some factors like lack of sleep, allergies, poor nutrition, and some others may worsen your eyebags. This is one of the reason why no matter what you do, the under eye circles would not go away. You need to change your lifestyle. That is the best dark circles under eyes remedy that will help you eliminate the eyebags.

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