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Jul 19, 2010

Tips For Great-Looking Lips Starting Today

Who doesn't want to have the perfect lips? Your whole face appears both happier and brighter when you are smiling with the perfect pair of lips.
Because the skin on the lips is so sensitive, lips are actually very delicate. Sun can damage the skin on the lips as can smoking because they are so delicate. Everyone, but most especially smokers, should be sure and apply sunscreen to their lips. Not only will the sunscreen protect the lips from harmful UV rays, but it will also reduce the dehydrating effects of a cigarette. Unattractive lip discoloration may also be avoided with the use of sunscreen.
Regularly, you should take care to exfoliate the skin on your lips. The process is as simple as using a toothbrush to scrub gently in a circular motion. The lips will be softened and dead cells will be removed. After exfoliating your lips, be sure and moisturize them as well. If you aren't careful to do so, your lips may become even more dehydrated than before.
A scrubbing mixture of sugar and rose water also does a good job. The lips will have a sweet aftertaste linger after using this mixture, while also being softened. As it is not a good idea to ever scratch your lips, this gentle method works well. With this process it is also less likely your lips will become dry. Because the sugar and rose water mixture is harmless, you can do this everyday to exfoliate the lips.
Another good strategy is to drink lots of water. Your lips are actually the first body part to show you are dehydrated. You will lessen the chances of your lips looking chapped, rough or dry if you are careful to drink enough water every day. Your skin will also benefit from all that water, too, with a healthy and glowing look.
Before you apply your lipstick, be sure and first apply lip balm. Because of the chance a lipstick may have chemicals in it that could damage your lips, this will not only keep your lipstick fresh but also protect against any harm.
Try to not become too impatient as you work towards improving the beauty of your lips because treatment time may well differ for everyone.
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