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23 Tips to Save on Haircuts, Hair Color and Hair Products
23 Tips to Save on Haircuts, Hair Color and Hair Products Medioimages/Photodisc
Perhaps, like me, you want to hibernate through this recession. Sort of put it out of your mind until -- miraculously! -- it goes away and the news starts getting better. Until we start hearing positive job and housing reports and the stock market go up for a full week straight, here are 23 tips to save on haircuts, color and care:
Let's start with shampoo...
1. Buy a jumbo size bottle of shampoo (cost per ounce is cheaper). Instead of buying a bottle for each shower, divvy up the jumbo bottle among bottles of shampoo you already have on hand. It doesn't really matter if you mix shampoos.
2. Add water to shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap to make it go further. Businesses do this all the time in public spaces.
3. When you're down to the last bit of shampoo in the bottle, add water and shake it vigorously. You'll get a couple washings out of it.
4. Take all those mini shampoos you or your husband collected over the years on business trips and combine them into one bottle. Again, it really doesn't matter if you mix shampoos. Or place the mini bottles in the bathroom in a gorgeous bowl and work your way through them.
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How to Pick Your Perfect Hair Color

11 Hair Color Tips Only Your Stylist Knows

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How to Pick Your Perfect Hair Color
Actress Alicia Witt sports gorgeous red hair, think it's natural?
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Just as proper hair care isn't a science, neither is getting your hair color right. It's actually quite simple: Stick to colors that compliment your skin tone, figure out if you're better off with single-process color or highlights, and then decide if you're going to pay someone else to do it or do it yourself. It also helps to know what colors you're naturally drawn to. Here, I share 11 hair color tips only your stylist knows, but first, peruse this gallery of My All-Time Favorite Hair Colors to figure out what colors you love.

Can You Go Blonde?

Some women look good in any color (remember Linda Evangelista?) but most women don't. If you had blonde hair as a kid, you'll likely look good as a blonde adult. Find out more in My Best Blonde Hair Tips and Tricks and in Hair Color Mistakes Women Make.


4Summer Hair Care Tips

I believe that in the summer it is really important that you keep your hair protected, so that is basically what I am going to talk about in this short article.
Tip #1 - Trim your hair
The first step in keeping your hair healthy through the warmer season is to start with trimmed hair. You want to start with fresh ends because your hair is less likely to start splitting from the heat. If it's really hot outside, or if you take a really hot shower, the hair follicle will open and expand making your hair to look less shiny and things like that. It is going to start with the ends of your hair and it will continue its way up and you are more likely to see an increase of split ends during the summer. That is why I highly recommend getting rid of the bad ends now so that the tip of your hair will be very healthy right from the start.
Tip #2 - Use heat protection
If you like to spend a lot of time outside during the summer, like me, the thing you want to do is to invest a good heat protection. These types of products work just like sunscreens and they also provide protection against UV. Other that heat protection you could also invest in a cute hat that would protect the crown of your hair and let your hair breath at the same time. If you don't like hats maybe you can try out some scarfs that you can wrap around your hair - you know the old school stuff.
Tip #3 - Use a conditioner
Third tip is to use a conditioner that has high moisture content. If you do so your hair is less likely to expand from the humidity, because your hair is not looking for moisture in the air. If the first thing on the ingredients list on the back of your conditioner is water then you are on the right path.
Try to wear your hair in protective hair styles, don't go to crazy with the way you wear your hair in the summer, just save it for special occasions. If your hair can take it, by all means, wear it any way you like it, but if you have more sensitive hair, like I do, I wouldn't recommend wearing your hair out all the time in the heat. Instead, I would probably braid it or I would style it with conditioner and just leave it on, so you are deep conditioning your hair all day long.
Tip #4 - Use oils and vitamins
The fourth and last thing I also recommend through the summer is to make sure you continue your oil treatments, once every other week. Great oils for deep conditioning in the summer are coconut oil and olive oil. Don't forget to do this; your hair will really appreciate it.
During the summer season your hair needs an extra amount of vitamins and minerals so you might consider vitamin supplements like biotin.
The sun can do so much damage to hair as it can do to your skin, so there is no reason why hair should not benefit from the same amount of care and protection during the warm season.
Cristian is a part time blogger that writes about various tips including biotin side effects.