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Jul 12, 2010

7 Summer Make-Up Tips

Wearing make-up gets complicated in the summer. First of all, any time you're going out into the sun, you want to remember to protect your skin with products that contain SPF protection, and when you combine such products with make-up, things can get a little gunky. Meanwhile, sweat becomes a huge factor during the summer, and it's important to use make-up techniques that can withstand the heat of a long summer day. If you want to prevent the melt while also protecting your skin from the sun, keep these tips in mind.
1. Blot the oil off: If you have a relatively light amount of makeup on, then you can prevent the melt by using disposable oil-blotting sheets. Keep them in your purse or in your desk at work and dab your face every time your skin becomes oily. Most oil-absorbing sheets will not disturb your make-up, but you may still have to do a touch-up or two over the course of the day.
2. Reduce shine: A little bit of brightness around your cheekbones can be a good thing, but it can become excessive on warm summer days. To keep the shine away, apply a light dusting of loose translucent powder across your cheeks. Because it has no color, it will be all but invisible but will also deflect some of that shine.
3. Use waxy lip gloss: During the summer, it's time to put away those lipsticks that get soft and runny in your purse and tend to melt off of your lips. Set those aside until fall, and invest in a high-wax lip balm with an SPF content of at least 15. Clear kinds work well, but there are also some nice-looking tinted varieties.
4. Use waterproof mascara: Waterproof mascara is a little more expensive than ordinary mascara, and it also tends to go on a little more thinly, but it's still better than wearing mascara that runs down your cheeks. Keep applying the waterproof mascara every few hours or so, and you'll barely know the difference.
5. Go with creamy eye shadows: Sweat and powders don't mix, so any time the weather forecast calls for excessive heat, you might want to put away those powders that just make a clay-like cake on your face when exposed to heat. Instead, use silicon powders that lock in place and make it through the day without becoming thick or getting too smudgy.
6. Go light: Whatever else you do with your summer make-up application, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to keep things light. Think of it this way: The less make up you have on your face, the less potential there is for disaster. Rather than applying your make-up directly, use a damp make-up sponge to apply your foundation and blush.
7. Use primer: Too many women forget to apply primer, and this usually has negative effects during the summer. Find an oil-free primer and spread a pea-sized dot over your moisturized face before applying foundation and concealer.
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