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Jul 12, 2010

You Should Always Section Your Hair When Styling With a Flat Iron

When styling your hair, there are a few small tricks to give you flawless results, seven days a week. The simplest of these is to section off your hair, no matter what you are doing to it. Whether you are blow-drying it or using a flat iron, sectioning off your hair allows you to work with a smaller portion of hair while maximizing your results.

To section off your hair, you will need to start at the bottom, or the underside. To do this, pull all of your hair except for a small portion up and secure it with a rubber band or clip. This may cause your hair to crease or have a funny kink in it, but you can get rid of that later. Once your hair is up, you can proceed to style the exposed section with a blow dryer and round brush, curling iron or flat iron. After you have passed through the first section with your styling tool, let down a little more of your hair, or another section. Repeat the styling on this section. Repeat this until you have gotten through all of your hair.

A few tips to remember, if you are working with a flat iron to get your hair straight or to produce tight curls, use smaller sections. This is the same if you are using a curling iron to create tight curls as well. If you want looser curls with either tool, use bigger sections.

Sectioning off your hair may seem like a lot of work and time consuming, however, it could save you time in the end. By creating smaller sections of hair to work with, your flat iron, curling iron or blow dryer will be able to work with your hair in less time and this will save you time and do less damage to your hair than repeatedly running the same styling tool through your locks over and over again.

Sectioning off your hair is a very simple step in creating beautiful locks that look professionally styled every day of the week. In the long run, it will save you time and also keep your locks damage free.
Jade Greene is an expert in flat irons and hair scissors.
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