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Jul 4, 2010

Basic Standards For Medical Esthetics Academies and Laser Hair Removal Schools

High standards, reliability and comfort are always factors when choosing a day spa, with a massive dose of the 'what more can we do?' attitude as a necessity. A solid reputation and good reviews are also a must, so with these things in mind, shouldn't the same high standards be expected when choosing an esthetics academy?  Isn't it essential that your "Laser Hair Removal School" actually includes training with lasers as a standard part of the core curriculum and not as an add-on or side unit?  Shouldn't students be receiving instruction from those with the highest levels of expertise and experience, and that are extensively qualified in all aspects of laser therapy? Students both need and deserve to have the chance to learn by means of practical experience, instruction in the most up to date facilities (including access to multiple lasers) and through working in an environment that actually IS a fully functioning spa.
After some thought with regard to the attributes that make a truly excellent Esthetics school, it seems right to step away from listing the high standards required and to instead comment somewhat on the various complaints that are often heard from those studying in different schools and programs. Listed below are three that stuck out to me in particular...
One of the first things that I am aware of when looking at different training schools is the shocking variance in standards between different facilities. It is simply a given that all experience for students should be on-site, and permanent medical staff must be there to help students every step of the way.  Medical professionalism in all aspects of the course, whether in the classroom or within the context of practical experience, is of the upmost importance and training in these procedures with teacher stability and reliability follows closely in second place. Students need the opportunity to learn from Instructors that they can trust, not only so they can further hone their skills, but so that they can feel confident and capable with their own growing abilities.   Nothing compares to hands on experience, side-by-side with qualified and competent estheticians and medical professionals.
Wouldn't it be a breathe of fresh air to find a school where the instructors, those that know best, are actively involved in the development of the curriculum?  Who is better qualified to train and advise than those that write the course?  Amongst my friends are many that work as both estheticians and instructors, but it seems that only half of them are involved in actual teaching. All would agree that being able to give relevant and concise input with regard to the curriculum would be of incredible benefit to the students.  
Going above and beyond is exactly what is necessary to qualify as a true educator and instructor but that is what's lacking in so many instructor's attitudes today. Thinking back to my own time in education, I remember that the classes I was most enthusiastic about were the ones where the lecturer took genuine interest in each of us and encouraged me to achieve my best. The true desire to help students creates a far more engaging and appropriate atmosphere for learning than anything else. An academy who's instructors care and that provides more classroom time in order to best prepare its students, is an academy who's graduates give clients phenomenal results.
Whether it be an Esthetics Academy, Day Spa or a Laser Hair Removal School, there is categorically no substitute for professionalism whilst teaching, stability within the classroom, practical experience and most importantly, the pursuit of excellence.
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