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Nov 11, 2010

Why Are Organic Beauty Products in Demand?

There are a number of reasons why we are turning more and more towards organic beauty products in our choice of cosmetics. The main reason is that organic beauty products are much more beneficial to your skin. Basically, what we put on our skin will be absorbed at some point into our bodies. There are far more instances today of asthma and eczema, as an increasing number of genetically modified products make their way onto the market.
Organic skin care products that are made with no synthetic additions are far healthier than those whose ingredients contain pesticides or artificial chemicals. Some skin care products also contain ingredients such as petroleum waxes and genetically modified items. These are not good over the long term when applied directly to the skin.
Additionally, organic beauty products tend to be made with superior ingredients. There are no fillers or fake colours contained in the items and therefore, they have the capacity to last longer. As far as the environment is concerned, we all have a role to play in protecting our climate, and going organic with our beauty regime is an ideal starting point.
In order to ensure that organic beauty products are legitimate, look for the COSMOS-Standard as a point in the right direction. This can be found on genuine organic products including organic hair products as well as organic skin care and organic make up. The Standard has been set up by an international non-profit association to be developed into an internationally recognised guide for natural and organic cosmetic products.
You can also look for the Soil Association certification symbol. This organisation is rigorous about what goes into organic beauty products, especially parabens, which are chemical preservatives.
There are numerous manufacturing companies that cater for the organic beauty market. We are now more aware of what to look for in a beauty product, with genuinely natural ingredients that come from organically farmed sources. With organic farming, no harmful chemicals are used on the grown products, which protects our immediate environment and our health.
If you look at it from an evolution viewpoint, we are far more careful today about what we put into our bodies in terms of food and drink. Now this has been adopted by the cosmetic industry and women are looking to natural and organic make up and cosmetics to protect the outside of their bodies. This is seen by the plethora of organic beauty products on the market, ranging from hair care to make up and face care products

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