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Dec 14, 2010

Tips to Choose the Best Soap

Choosing the most appropriate soap is important since this stuff will be used everyday. This item will enhance your skin appearance. This article will tell you about tips in choosing the best soap for your skin.
Beauty is the important for women. Women should not only beautiful but they should be healthy. Some experts say that women's health can be seen from her skin. If she ahs shiny, fresh and smooth skin, it indicates that she is healthy. Caring for skin health and beauty should be done in one advance since these two things cannot be separated from each other.
The simplest way to make beauty and healthy skin is bathing. Bathing will clean your skin from bacteria, germs and fungi. You should use soap to clean those things. There are two major kinds of soap. They are plain soap and antiseptic soap.
Plain or antiseptic soap is usually used as a cleaner and freshener body. You can use this soap after having outdoor activity. This soap will help you to remove dust and sweat. This soap is made of alkali which is good to remove dust and oils. This alkali will not be good for dry skin. It will make it drier and irritated. You need to add moisturizer in your soap. It will add the skin moisture which will make it soft.
People with skin illness and problem bath with plain soap is not enough. They need to use other soap which has more complex ingredients. Anti-bacterial soap is the best choice for them. This soap is also known as antiseptic soap. It can be used to reduce even eliminate bacteria that cause infections, acne and other skin disease.
Various ingredients are mixed but the most common antiseptic is triclosan. Triclosan is usually mixed in liquid soap while triclocarban is mixed in solid soap. Both ingredients have the same function that is removing bacteria and fungi. Sulfur is also mixed to make this soap. This ingredient is natural ingredients which is effective to kill fungi and bacteria.
Unfortunately, antiseptic soap will reduce your skin elasticity and make it drier if you use it too often. But now, you can find antiseptic shop which has been featured with various ingredients such as milk, vitamin E, moisturizer and honey to enhance the effect of the soap. These kinds of soap will be much safer than plain or antiseptic soap. It has the same antiseptic ingredients so you can get double advantages by using this combination soap.

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