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Jun 28, 2010

7Secrets For Fighting Frizzy Hair

Now that the summer is hitting its stride, the frizz is here. These balmy, humid days may be great for picnics and beach outings, but our sun-fried hair isn't so happy about the hot weather. For some women, frizz is inevitable, but there are some steps you can take to minimize frizz, if not get rid of it entirely. Here are some ideas that you might want to put to use.
1. Use a deep conditioner: When you shower, apply one of those luxurious conditioners that are designed to stay in the hair for at least five minutes. If you find a good one, it should give your hair that perfect balance of body and non-frizziness. When drying your hair, be careful not to be too rough, as this may negate the effects of the conditioner.
2. Use an anti-frizz styling cream: There are a few different kinds of frizz, but the most common type happens as a result of dry hair sucking up humidity from the surrounding air, causing the hair to swell up and go in all sorts of directions. You can prevent this from happening by moisturizing the hair beforehand. Find a light, oil-free hair moisturizer that also functions as a styling cream, and take preemptive action by applying this to your hair in the morning.
3. Sleep with a glossing cream: If you don't have time to pay extensive attention to your hair in the morning, apply a nice glossing cream to your hair before going to bed at night. After the application, put the hair up in a secure bun and go to sleep. In the morning, your hair will be nice and smooth and easy to manage.
4. Use a heat-protective spray: Heat is one of the biggest causes of frizz, especially when it comes from direct sun exposure. If you're going to be out in the hot sun, protect your hair with a protective spray. Not only will this fight frizz, but it will also prevent sun damage to the hair cuticles.
5. Use an ionic blow-dryer: Those old-fashioned blow-dryers may be fine in the winter, but in the summer they may not be helping anything. Invest in a nice ionic blow-dryer, and it will help keep the cuticles in good shape while locking out the moisture that causes so much trouble for the hair.
6. Avoid hair spray: Hair spray is fine for women who don't have problems with their hair, but it only makes things worse for naturally frizzy hair. This is because the alcohol in hairspray dries out the hair and swells the cuticles, which can lead to puffiness.
7. Put your hair up: Of course, the one sure way to fully prevent those wild, frizzy hairs from flying all over the place is to put them up in a secure bun or ponytail. If you keep things simple, then you'll be able to re-do your bun a few times over the course of the day to capture any hairs that slip out.
Caterina Christakos is a published author and reviewer. Read her latest reviews of satellite systems and Myfi satellite radio.

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