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Jun 26, 2010

Dove Beauty Products - Claim to Fame

Dove beauty products are no doubt one of the most widely recognized brands of skin care products today. Almost every one of us has heard or seen Dove commercials on television one time or another. A lot of people trust Dove beauty products to be kind and gentle to their skin. How did Dove start as a company and how did it evolve into the cosmetic giant that it is today?
Dove is a subsidiary of Unilever, a global manufacturing company that offers a wide selection of food and personal or home care products. Dove beauty products are manufactured in three countries: the United States, Brazil and Germany. Although their packaging varies in color, the all bear the same logo: the silhouette profile of a dove.
Although Dove is widely recognized as a large soap bar company, it also produces various personal care products
Dove beauty soaps come in various kinds: white, pink, pro-age, energy glow, exfoliating, cool moisture, nutrium nourishing, unscented for sensitive skin, and calming night.
In 2006, Dove established the Dove Self-Esteem Fund, with the hope of educating and inspiring girls to become more confident about themselves. In line with this program, several short, award-winning films have been created by the company. Some of these films like Evolution, Daughter, Amy, and Onslaught can be viewed online only.

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