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Oct 17, 2010

10 Steps To Getting Your Perfect New Hairstyle

Are you bored with your current hairstyle? If you're considering a new one, then these 10 steps will help you.
1. Decide that you're ready for a change - Your first step is to make sure that you definitely want a dramatic change. If you think your same style only shorter is all the change that's required, then a complete makeover probably isn't for you.
2. Find or identify a new style - This may involve trawling through magazines or on the web, or maybe you've seen someone else with the same style. Either way, get a clear picture in your mind (or on paper) of exactly what you want.
3. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current hairdressers - Do you trust your current stylist to complete your transformation? Sometimes a change in stylist can make a big impact.
4. Identify a list of local hair salons - Use a local business directory to identify all the hair salons that are based in your area.
5. Read reviews and compare prices of local salons - The directories should also provide you with important information on the hairdressers, including contact information and website details. Use this to find out the prices and create a shortlist of those in your budget. Then read reviews on the directories to see what people think of the salons.
6. Ask friends and family for additional recommendations and reviews - Some of the best resources you have are your family and friends, so ask them where they go for their haircuts (especially those with a nice style) and see what they think of the ones on your shortlist.
7. Arrange for a consultation appointment - If you have one or two hairdressers in mind, then it's time to go along for consultations. Ring them up and make a consultation only to get a feel for the place and the stylist.
8. Make sure you articulate what you want as clearly as possible - It's imperative at this stage that you are able to clearly explain what you want. The better stylists should be able to understand and interpret your specifications for your hair. They will tell you if it's not possible or may have useful suggestions.
9. Make a booking and be prepared to go over point 8 again on the day of the cut - By now you should know who you want to create your new style, so make an appointment. When you're there, you may need to remind your stylist of what you discussed during the consultation. Photos are always helpful.
10. Make sure the stylist has given you the cut you want - At the end of the makeover, make sure you're happy with what you've had done. If not, ask them to change it. It may not be the British way to complain, but it's important that you get what you have asked and paid for

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