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Oct 16, 2010

Dry Hair - 5 Tips To Help You Bring It Back To Life

Warm weather makes our hair dry. The air can strip away the moisture that is natural to our hair. What is the best thing to do? Simply applying a hair treatment that fits for you and is available in your place can be an easy step to recover the lost moisture on your hair.
In some places they treat dry hair with different methods. Olive oil is Mediterranean countries' favorite while for Native Americans, they opt to apply jojoba. Trying any oil that you think can moisten your dry hair is an interesting way to see what works well. However, there are also other factors that you needed to consider.
1. You need to brush dry hair
Brush your hair when it is already dried with towel to remove water drips Prevent it from being brushed when it is very wet as it will lead to hair breaking. The natural moisture will eventually come out as you are brushing it many times.
2. Go hairline by hairline.
Let the oil be spread line by line, that is section by section. It is advisable that you start at the end tip with your fingers and apply oil drop by drop until it become a little moist. Continue to put oil into your hair until it is totally saturated. Look for more dry areas and possibly damaged areas as those places need more oil.
3. Concentrated moisture is necessary
Blow drying your hair to make the oils pierce thoroughly into the hair shaft. It is perfect to use a dryer with an attached plunger. It must be set on a middle level. Take note that the hair will absorb much more moisture when it is heated. If there are still drops, spot the glut with a towel.
4. Stay calm and just relax
But if the hair is still dry, then leave on the oils for 25 minutes or even until 45 minutes. Usually, brittle hair needs more time like 45 minutes to about 2 hours or so. To fully condition the hair, let oils stay on overnight. Covering your pillow with a fresh towel may be helpful.
5. Restore the Moisture to Your Hair
As the hair is already moist, you just have to apply light conditioner is all you need. To eliminate oil excess, you need to leave hair sparkling by applying a small amount of cider-vinegar-based rinse. You can then rinse, dry, and wear your regular hairstyle as usual.
Restoring hair moisture of to brittle, dry hair is not a big deal. Just try the steps mentioned, be patient and you will be able to have shining, radiant hair.

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