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Oct 14, 2010

Beauty Comes From Within - Start Your Transformation To A Real Beauty Today

If you eat junk, you look and feel like junk. You are what you eat. When you eat healthy natural, lively food, you feel and look healthy and beautiful. It is as easy as that. You need to talk to your unconscious and to your higher self to get in harmony with what you want. It does not help to decide to live healthy from now on, but as soon as you see a burger with chips, you can't resist. You need to get every single part in sync. Meditate and see yourself eating healthy foods and getting active.
Next get rid of all junk food, processed food, artificial diet food, artificial cool drinks, etc and tell yourself not to buy any of those. Then purchase fresh fruit, vegetables, clean still water and natural, unprocessed food without colorants, flavourants and preservatives. Make yourself green smoothies with lots of leaves, vegetables and fruit and drink lots of fresh, still water through the day. Stop your intake of alcohol and tobacco. You do not need that.
Now discipline yourself to keep this way of eating up for a period of time and combine this with walking, swimming or gentle exercises and stop watching TV all together.
You will be surprised how good you feel after some time. Your complexion will be radiant, your weight will drop, your energy level will rise and you will be a healthy, life-loving person. You do not want to go back to your previous lifestyle. Live in the "NOW" and stop all worries and anxieties.
Congratulations, you are a newborn energetic, healthy and beautiful individual now. Keep it this way.

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